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SWOG is a worldwide network of researchers that design and conduct cancer clinical trials. The group's goal is to change medical practice so it improves the lives of people with cancer. SWOG trials test new ways to diagnose and treat cancer, as well as prevent it. SWOG researchers also study ways to improve the care cancer patients receive, and improve quality of life for both patients and survivors.

SWOG is a major part of the national cancer research infrastructure.

The nearly 6,000 physician researchers in the network practice at more than 950 institutions nationwide and in six other countries. The network includes 32 of the National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated cancer centers, as well as community hospitals, private practices, and physician group networks. Formerly the Southwest Oncology Group, SWOG is one of five cooperative groups in the NCI's National Clinical Trials Network and is primarily supported through NCI grants, making it heavily dependent on federal support. For more information about SWOG visit the About Us page.

SWOG researchers routinely announce clinical trial results at major medical conferences and publish in leading scientific journals. For more information, visit the Publications page.

Please use the quick links to your left to find information on our history, the clinical trials and research conducted by the group, and links to other resources available. If you can't find the information you were looking for, please be sure to click on the "Contact Us" link.

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