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Member Logon


Log on at either Standard Level or Advanced Level.
There are two alternatives for logging on to the Members section of swog.org:
Standard Level
(Formerly called Level 2)
  Advanced Level
(Formerly called Level 1)

Logon at Standard Level is easy, using your email address on record in the SWOG database as username, and your own choice of password. If you have not already signed up for Standard Level access, you can do it on the Standard Level Signup page.

This is the level that will meet the needs of most members. Log on at this level unless you frequently need to use the applications shown at right that require Advanced Level access.

(If you do occasionally need to use Advanced Level applications, you can still use Standard logon for your usual access to the Members Section at the point you click on one of the applications, you will then have to log on at Advanced level.)


If you use the applications listed below regularly, log on at Advanced level. To do this, use your SWOG Roster ID number as username and your current "strong" password which must meet the security criteria.

This level requires a higher degree of security, because it allows direct access to these applications, which interact directly with the SWOG database:

  • Patient Registration
  • Specimen Tracking
  • Study Chair/Coordinator Evaluations
  • CRA Workbench
  • Member Roster

If you have never logged on at Advanced Level or need password help, contact your local Web User Administrator.

You can log on using the box on top of this page or the logon box on the home page.



Who is my Web User Administrator?
Your Web User Administrator is a designee who is responsible for assigning you permissions to web applications. Web User Administrators are at Therapeutics Data Management Institutions. You may have more than one Administrator. Enter your institution number below, and the resulting page will show you the name of your Web User Administrator.
Institution/Study Site:


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